Turf Soccer Shoes


Own the turf

The surface might change but your game should always stay at its peak. Artificial turf poses its own challenge compared to traditional surfaces, but the adidas collection of turf football boots means you can play your own way with full traction and control, being fitted with rubber outsoles that are specifically designed for artificial turf. The rest is everything you would expect from adidas: signature models that compliment your style, engineered with the most innovative technology and worn by some of the best players on the planet. With these football boots, the turf is yours.

Find your style

All featuring rubber outsoles, these turf football boots come in the full range of styles that adidas footballers have grown to love. X is made for the speed demons, constructed with lightweight mesh to let you fly down the wings and through defences. Nemeziz is for the skill whizzes, with a laceless construction that offers you responsive touch and control, allowing you to spin your magic and leave your opponents in a twist. Copa, Mundial and Predator need no introduction: these legends are now ready to make their mark on artificial turf as they always have in football’s history books. With any of these turf boots, you can play your way.

Play anywhere, any time

Football is always evolving, which means that alternative surfaces such as artificial turf are here to stay in the modern game. All the more reason to be fully equipped, and the adidas selection of turf football boots is the best way to do just that. Whatever your playing style, you can find your perfect pair, with rubber outsoles that offer ultimate traction for taking control of any game. The extensive range also means you can choose your favourite design and colourway for absolute personal expression. Whether it’s match day or training practice, you’ll always be at the centre of the action.

Turf Soccer Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Conventional football boots should never be worn on AstroTurf or other artificial pitches, as they may damage the surface and won't offer enough grip.
Specialist AstroTurf boots like those offered by adidas should be worn on AstroTurf pitches. This is essential, and boots made for other artificial surfaces may not be suitable.
Specialist AstroTurf boots like those offered by adidas should be worn on AstroTurf pitches. This is essential, and boots made for other artificial surfaces may not be suitable.