Backpacks For Women

Surprisingly spacious. adidas women’s backpacks may look sleek, but they’ve got plenty of pockets, storage and style to meet your every need — crossing town, hitting the gym or going on vacay.

Awesome backpacks for women

Are you getting ready to go for an adventure or just off on a visit to the gym? Well, worry not! adidas offers spectacular backpacks that are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. They have clean and contemporary lines and fit right in any crowd. With an awesome spin on the herringbone design, women's backpacks from adidas are very popular amongst all ages. These backpacks are made from polyester and have a front zip pocket so that you have easy access to essential items like your smartphone or headset. The shoulder straps come with additional padding to ensure that you remain comfortable while walking about with your backpack. These backpacks also come with an additional webbing carry loop for the ever essential bottle of water. After all, you should never leave home without a bottle of water.

A melange of colourful backpacks

adidas offers backpacks for women in a huge array of colours. You can opt for a black or ash coloured bag if you prefer something subtle. However, they also come in several other shades like pink, white, red and so on. The adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps are useful in preventing back pain or shoulder pain due to walking about with a heavy backpack. The bags are made from recycled polyester to reduce emissions and use of valuable resources.

Larger, high-quality backpacks from adidas

adidas also offers large backpacks for women that have a capacity of 44.75 litres. They come with an additional laptop and shoe compartments. The internal slip-in pocket is also a favourite among customers. The ventilation holes are laser cut for extra precision. If you are looking for a good quality women's backpack with clean and contemporary lines, look no further. adidas is the answer! After all, a high-quality backpack will last for several years to come.