Women's Loungewear

adidas women’s loungewear is a collection of perfect crossover pieces that bring slick sports-style to working from home or chilling out. Discover indoor style that balances comfort with modern looks.


Perfecting the ideal home working or about the house wardrobe can be tricky. Too casual and you won’t feel focused, too smart and you’ll spend the day feeling overdressed and uncomfortable. While comfort is key, what’s called for here is clothing that feels great to wear and that looks professional enough to withstand the odd Zoom call or HouseParty meet up. The joy of adidas loungewear for women is our legacy of classic sports-inspired pieces that cross over into street style. The result is a women’s loungewear range that balances comfort with a fashionable, crisp silhouette for easy looks that take minimum effort.


The general consensus is that to work effectively from home you need to be in the right mindset. A shower, a coffee and an outfit you love are sure-fire ways of firing up your motivation for a productive day’s work. Have fun creating a look that suits you – our women's loungewear sets are effortlessly co-ordinated while cropped hoodies are flattering and playful in eye-catching colours with modern graphics. Long hoodies enjoy relaxed over-sized styling for a fashion silhouette and the classic crew neck references street style while looking professional and neat.


It’s safe to say that home working often means jeans make way for joggers or leggings with soft, stretchy waistbands. A great pair of leggings or track pants can easily be styled up with chic accessories and a blazer for meetings. Seamless leggings are perfect for long stints at the desk and can give you the support you need to get active around the house. In terms of footwear, our slides are ideal for work and play, bringing to mind summer and effortless comfort. Our sizing encompasses petite and plus size loungewear to ensure that everyone can enjoy spending time at home.