womens running clothes

A distinctive selection of nylon, cotton, and recycled polyester tops, bottoms and sports bras designed to repel water, absorb sweat and offer high visibility with each wear.
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Womens running clothing

Going for a run isn’t just about putting on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Nowadays the variety of sportswear available is so large that you might choose to wear tracksuit for comfort or tights for support instead of shorts, and you might like to complement your upper-body gear with a base layer or a sports bra. Regardless of your preference, you’re guaranteed to find what you need in the adidas womens running clothing collection. This includes outfits for the cooler temperatures with a range of jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts, which are all designed to keep you warm and protected from the rain.

Your comfort is our priority

Every item of our womens running clothing is designed with your comfort in mind. We ensure you’re wearing ventilated clothing that keeps you cool and dry thanks to technologies such as Climacool and fabric such as Climalite, which helps conduct sweat away from your body. We also ensure protection against the harsh weather with waterproof womens running clothing equipped with Climastorm technology. If you like a snug fit and an outfit with full support, the Techfit technology used in our tights provides compression and a fit that feels secure. And if you’re looking for clothing that’s both ecological and comfortable, look for running gear with Primeknit technology – this light and breathable sportswear is knitted as one piece, thus helping with waste reduction.

With large varieties come great decisions

When it comes to running gear, making the right decision amongst a sea of options is not always easy. Before you pick, you’ll need to consider a number of factors. Do you prefer your bottoms with a high waist for comfort, do you need pockets in your jacket to store some basic items out on the field, or do you expect rain and prefer water-repellent running gear? Whatever your preferences, your next running outfit is waiting for you in the adidas womens running clothing collection.

womens running clothes Frequently Asked Questions

For your first run, begin with a well-fitted sports bra. A medium or high support level is best for running, depending on your cup size and what’s most comfortable for you. Running clothes for women are easy to layer, so you can adjust as you warm up — for example, a moisture-wicking tank top or tee plus a light jacket with a pocket for your phone. Running shorts, pants, tights and leggings allow range of motion without getting in your way. Wear supportive shoes that are made specifically for running.
Choose running clothing that’s lightweight, moisture-absorbing and not too tight or too loose. Think about where you like to run (on the road or on a trail?) and the weather when you’ll be running. Then layer up as necessary to match the elements and stay comfortable on the move. Running clothes for women are most comfortable when paired with a correctly fitted sports bra that has a high or medium support level. If you run when it’s sunny, you might also want to bring a hat or visor and a pair of sunglasses.
Women planning to run a marathon can go minimalist in what they wear to prioritize optimal performance, or they can dress with a goal of long-distance comfort by bringing variable layers with pockets. Elite runners may complete the full 26.2-mile course wearing split shorts with a singlet and sports bra. But most runners will choose lightweight, layered running clothes for women that are easy to remove and easy to carry. In addition to a packable jacket, it’s a good idea to bring a spare pair of socks. Read our blog for more on what to wear for a marathon.