Womens Running Leggings

adidas women's running leggings and tights feature a figure-flattering, second-skin fit so you feel supported every step of the way. Beat your personal best and stay cool and dry in complete comfort. Our range of running leggings for women includes sports leggings, tight shorts and capris, all with a range of options such as ultra-stretch and breathable fabrics, and zip pockets to keep all of your items safe and secure and mesh inserts and seamless choices for extra comfort and airflow. Our running tights for women are perfect for running the track or trail and just as welcome at a cafe catching up for coffee. Designed to enhance performance these women's running leggings are ready for anything your day brings on or off the track.

Womens running leggings

Womens running leggings are synonymous with flexibility, support and, most of all, with fun colours and designs. The adidas womens running tights collection is a reflection of all these qualities. Starting with its colourful designs and patterns, you’re guaranteed to find a pair that will make your run a little more fun. But colours aren’t everything when it comes to style. Look for a pair of tights with a high waist for a bit of extra support and comfort. You’ll also be able to choose from four different lengths of ladies running leggings – the shortest come to knee-length, while a full-length pair provides coverage all the way to your ankles.

Technologies galore

The collection of adidas womens running leggings has been packed with features and technologies that aim at enhancing your performance and giving you more strength while keeping you comfortable throughout your run. Keep the fresh feeling with Polygiene technology, which gives fabric anti-odour properties. If you’re running in hot weather, technologies such as Climacool and Climalite will keep you feeling cool and your body moisture down thanks to ventilation and their sweat-wicking properties. If you like to stay active in winter, it’s important to have the right insulation for keeping you warm, such as Climaheat technology. But one of the most important properties of adidas womens running tights is the Alphaskin compression technology, which gives you a secure feeling and supports every movement you make.

Comfort in the details

While fabric and technologies bring you physical comfort during your run, adidas has gone one step further and added some important details to this collection of womens running leggings, aimed at giving you mental comfort too. Store your most important personal items securely thanks to the availability of a sweat-proof pocket, and stay safe on a night-time run thanks to tights equipped with reflective details. And for a secure feeling as you run, choose leggings that have a soft or adjustable elastic band around the waist.