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Women Sport Inspired White Grand Court Base ShoesWomen Sport Inspired White Grand Court Base Shoes

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Tennis trainers for women with heaps of style and protection

Revel in the iconic style of adidas on any court you play. adidas understands that tennis trainers for women need to offer more than your average shoe. You need heaps of style, sure-fire comfort and impenetrable protection. Athlete’s shoes that let your feet breath on all occasions and a brand that combats impact from the precision of a lightening-quick serve. From the light and breathable classics to the receptive cushioned effect of a modern sole, these all-round tennis shoes for women are sure to perfect any sports style.

Embracing your ideal tennis footwear

The adidas selection of tennis shoes for women provide all the grace and stability you'll need. Such is the variety of tennis footwear available, you'll find something appropriate for all occasions. Come rain or shine and at any time of the day, you'll find a shoe that delivers. For ventilation and moisture management, the innovative Climacool material brings fresh air in and shoves sweat and heat out. For a flexible bounce that keeps your balance, trainers with midsole cushioning let you enjoy the arena in comfort. Many athletes benefit from a combination of sports shoes which are built to cater for various types of surface. When you need safeguarding against the wear and tear of intense action, our abrasion-resistant materials protect those high-risk areas.

Using your knowledge

Whether you've just commenced training, starting to compete or have Wimbledon in your sights, tennis shoes are available to everyone at all levels. And to boost your performance, you require a sports shoe you can rely on. Tennis trainers that keep you both light on your feet and protected against the impact of a long rally. Trainers that are built to stand against the rough and tumble of a successful tournament. The adidas selection of tennis trainers for women provides just what you need. Your own knowledge can tell you what sort of trainers will benefit your feet.