8-16 Years · Tights


Teens tights

adidas teens' tights are a must have for every teenager who wants to add a bit of street cred to their wardrobe. Teens' tights are perfect for the active teenager, whether they're playing sport, relaxing between games or going out with friends. Go for the classic look with the 3-Stripes down the side of the leg or choose a pair with a contrast logo written down the side of the calf. Teens' tights also come in various lengths – full, which will keep their legs warm as they exercise and ¾ or thigh length for warmer days or more strenuous activities.

Tights for all activities

Exercising is made all the better when the right wardrobe is in place. The adidas teens' tights range has kept this in mind with their designs, ensuring that comfort, practicality and style are all present. Wondering which teens' tights to choose? adidas is here to help. For running, choose a pair of recycled polyester/elastane tights that are tight-fitting and yet breathable, with ventilation panels inserted into the legs that allow heat and sweat to escape. These styles also boast an inner pocket to keep keys safe. For teens who are into yoga or want something to wear while relaxing after exercise, adidas has teens' tights made from soft jersey fabric and with a high waistband. They're designed to fit from waist to ankle, providing both flexibility and warmth. Working out in the gym requires the right kit to boost performance, and adidas teens' tights are the perfect option with a double waistband that keeps tights in place and mesh inserts behind the knees that will help keep the air circulating. Just chilling out at home or meeting up with friends also calls for the perfect pair of tights – pick up a pair of casual mid-rise tights in soft cotton, with either a stand-out design or a more classic look with block colour and contrasting logos.