Black · Tanks & Sleeveless


Slimming black tops for all your training requirements

It’s pretty easy to see why the black top black is one of the most sought after products when it comes to people’s preferred choice for gym wear: not only can it be worn with the broadest spectrum of other colours it also has that slimming effect on most people and when you get down to it, it’s very effective at hiding your perspiration during and after your workout. Many of our black tops are available in a broad range of sizes and most models are woven with fabrics that include our patented moisture-absorption technology which explains why you stay dry.

A versatile black top hit can check all the right boxes

Considering the sweat-absorbing properties of your black top you might as well give it your all from the first set of warmup drills to the last set or last second, depending on your exercise schedule. You can set off for a run, walk or jog wearing a black top just as easily as you could step up to the bag and go 5 rounds of kickboxing and still feel fresh enough to hit the yoga mat and end your session with some cooldown stretches to keep the body supple and injury free. It is also great for one on one sports like tennis or racquetball or friendly group activities like basketball.

A black crop top makes the athleisure transition seamless

Every now and again you come across a black crop top you can see yourself wearing somewhere beyond the scope of training functions and if this is the case with our black tops, we have no intention of persuading you otherwise. The style referred to as urban chic relies heavily on relaxed trendy clothes that can often make the switch from athletic to leisure wear and that transition should be as seamless and stylish as possible on its own or in concert with a hoodie, sweatshirt or jacket.