Black Zip Up Hoodies


Black zip-up hoodies offer sleek lines and a sense of comfort

Few articles of clothing define the contemporary urban relaxed style quite like black zip-up hoodies. Ours is a collection of sophisticated tops made from French terry cloth, fleece, and Primeknit materials, among others, displaying our unmistakable brand and bold graphics while offering sleek lines with a snug fit for that sense of comfort. The roomy kangaroo-style pocket doubles as a temporary safe-house for a few small items, such as your wallet, car keys or mobile, and also functions as a place to keep your hands warm and dry, just like the hood does for your head when the weather turns.

For a variety of functions, there’s a black zip-up hoodie

The great thing about a black zip-up hoodie is that you can wear it practically anywhere and it fulfils a variety of functions. For example, as an outdoor garment you can wear it as a comfortable outer layer on your way to a friend’s house, or you can use it to perform warmups once you arrive at the gym to get the body and mind prepared for the task at hand. You can also wear black zip-up hoodies indoors to keep you warm while watching movies on a chilly night or while staying up late to study before another important test.

Black adidas zip-up hoodies cross the urban/suburban divide

Living in the city, you know there is always an occasion where a black adidas zip-up hoodie comes up a winner, and we are certain there are plenty of village and town folk who feel the same. One thing they may disagree on is what to wear under the back zip-up hoodie and that comes down to a matter of individual style, as much as the occasion. Either way, the relaxed look of black sweatpants and tee with adidas trainers is no less comfortable than that of black chinos and Oxford shirt with adidas trainers.