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Clothes for girls 1-4 years old

Growing girls require clothes that are built for imaginative, adventurous, sporty and even messy kids. Whether your kids are stepping onto the sports field for the first time, headed to dance practice, the schoolyard or even the back yard, they can be dressed in stylish, comfortable and technology-filled sportswear. adidas clothes for girls 1-4 years old are built to be stretchy and durable, with breathable materials so your girls can run, jump, dance, move and everything else all day. Available in a wide range of colours, graphic designs and sizes, the girls' clothes range is as stylish as it is comfortable and long-lasting.

Sports apparel for active girls

For the budding athletes out there, adidas creates clothes for girls 1-4 years old with the same materials and technologies as those worn by the pros. This way, your young girls will always feel energetic and ready to run wild with imagination. Choose from stretchy jerseys, tees, shirts, skorts, leggings, tracksuits and more, all with high-performance and comfort features. For cooler days, opt for tracksuit bottoms and a jacket with in-built Climacool fabric, designed to keep your youngsters cool and dry. Kids will be pleased to find pockets, mesh inserts and ankle zips on the bottoms for flexible comfort between games. Most jackets have fleece linings, wind protection and UV protection, so your kids will be fit to face strong winds and stay protected from the sun.

Casual apparel for all kids and lifestyles

While active wear is an essential for sporting activities, your child's love for sport doesn't end when she leaves the field. The range of adidas clothes for girls 1-4 years old is also designed for casual wear, often a staple item for the streets. Whether hanging out with friends at the weekend or preparing for a week at school or kindergarten, deck out your kid's wardrobe with the iconic 3-Stripes. Choose from a range of comfy tees and shorts, with playful patterns and vivid colours. Even the littlest of sports fans can rep the 3-Stripes.