Girls' Tennis Gear

Teach her how to turn the court into her personal stage in girls’ tennis gear. Find the perfect shoes and clothing to keep up with your budding athlete while they’re racking up the points.

Tennis girls

Let young players fall in love with the game and develop their technique unrestricted with the adidas tennis girls collection. From intelligently designed footwear to tennis apparel that’s prepared for even the most intense matches, girls can update their tennis gear right here and accept no compromises when it comes to their kit bag. Utilising the most innovative sportswear technology and featuring some smaller versions of apparel worn by the world’s biggest players, junior players can get used to wearing the very best gear on their way to the top of their game.

Intelligent apparel for future champions

From the first serve to the final winner, young players should be supported – not restricted – by their clothing. The tennis girls collection from adidas features some of the most advanced apparel for doing just that. Tops, shorts and skirts make use of a custom-made fabric that wicks sweat away from the skin, accelerating evaporation and keeping the wearer cool and dry for the game, set and match. Materials are soft yet stretchy to allow for hours of use without irritation and support full movement of the body, letting tennis girls stretch to hit even the most difficult of return shots. This is apparel made for taking junior players’ games to the next level.

Ready from the feet up

A slip on the turf can cost a player the game, which is why this tennis girls collection from adidas includes footwear that has been designed for the challenges posed by even the most intense game of tennis. Available in a selection of different colours, these trainers feature durable outsoles for unbeatable traction as well as sock-like mesh uppers that hug the foot while allowing for refreshing air circulation. Giving an extra spring to a player’s step, this collection offers secret weapons to players on the rise.