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Girls' accessories - all you need for sport and leisure

adidas offers a world of accessories for both sport and leisure. These designs are ideal for adding a finishing touch to any outfit, no matter how smart or casual. The adidas collection of girls' accessories features a pracitcal range of backpacks to keep it all in. Each one is decorated with colourful graphics and fitted with a zip front pocket to keep everything safe. Inside you'll find plenty of room for your clothes, books, toys and anything else you need to take with you on a busy, fun-filled day.

Accessories for every season

A variety of accessories are available to see you through any season. Choose from stylish caps to keep the sunlight out of your eyes, knitted beanies lined with a snug fleece and ear flaps, or luxuriously thick socks for cosy feet. Ideal for those colder months, no beanie is complete without its pompom, and adidas beanies are no exception.

Concentrate on the game

If you love sport, then you need protection from bumps and bruises, which is why adidas offer a range of high-quality shin guards. Junior footballers need to be fast and agile, but it’s a tough game. Let the hard-curved shields and ankle guards of adidas shin pads take the punishment for you. Wearing them shouldn’t be uncomfortable, so adidas have added EVA cushioning to make sure you can concentrate on the game and not on the shin pads. adidas colourful knitted mittens, with their fleece lining, may keep your hands snug and warm on a cold winter’s day, but when you’re out on the pitch you need a sure grip on the ball. Which is where adidas goalkeeper gloves come in. A 2mm cushion protects your hands, while the latex layer ensures you can grip the ball no matter if it's dry, muddy or wet.