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Y-3 Superstar


Relive an iconic adidas trainer in your own green Superstar

The adidas Superstar range is known among trainer enthusiasts for its characteristic shell-toe design. They were originally designed for the basketball court and for the concrete pick-up game courts in inner cities, so they have tons of street cred. They crossed over into mainstream subculture as a result and have become one of adidas's most iconic and perennially popular ranges, especially embraced by hip-hop culture. 

You'll love everything about adidas Superstar in green

We've remained faithful to the original trainer in our modern green Superstar, with a few clever additions. For instance, their original lace design has remained on our standard versions, but we've also created a model where we've dropped the heel so they can actually function as comfy slip-ons. Their green leather uppers are stylish as well as durable, with subtle contrasting shades and the adidas 3-Stripes portrayed in the original narrow way. The rubber sole is melded to the now famous shell-toe design, gives excellent traction and is long lasting. The hallmark shell toe provides real protection should your toes get stepped on while you're playing or while you're dancing in a club. You'll feel secure underfoot too with that grippy rubber undersole. This isn't a shoe that's all show - it can take the pace during the heat of the game as well. At the same time, few of our other shoes command such insider respect. All the little touches are there to show that you get the scene, like the famous Superstar box logo. If you choose the slip-on version, you'll discover a new kind of adidas comfort while still being able to step out in the stylish, original adidas green Superstar design. The full-grain leather also looks funky yet sophisticated, so you can wear these with a slightly more smart-casual outfit too.