Invisible Socks/Sneaker Socks


Invisible socks

If you are into the cuffed-trousers-no-socks style, invisible socks are ideal for you. Wearing shoes without socks for long hours or during rigorous training or workout sessions is an invitation to sores and germs; invisible socks are a great option for a no-sock look while keeping your feet safe and hygienic. These socks are soft and gentle to your feet and provide unmatched comfort. adidas invisible socks are made of lightweight material to give you seamless feather-light touch. The breathable engineering and mesh design maintain the airflow and keep your feet cool; you feel dry and comfortable owing to the sweat-wicking fabric. The strong knitting makes the no-show socks durable. These no-show socks are designed to adjust with the natural movement of your feet and provide optimal comfort. The ribbed cuff and arch compression offers a strong grip while the compression fit prevents slipping of feet while you are engrossed in your activities. Padded soles add extra comfort and fitting benefits by impeding odour and skin damage.

Choose the best invisible socks

The invisible socks range from adidas is liked for both a sporty and casual look. You get an excellent fit and unmatched comfort while maintaining your favourite sleek and stylish no-sock look. You can choose a rich cotton model, stretchy material, or synthetic to suit your requirements. Keeping up with sustainability, adidas invisible socks are also available in environmentally friendly material made from the recycled fishing net or discarded nylon yarn. You also have options to choose a low cut, ankle-length, or no-show socks. adidas no-show socks are available in various sizes and fits. You can pick the anatomical design to enjoy the great support and comfortable footwork with foot-specific fitting. You can choose bold colours and extreme patterns to add more oomph to your look. Providing exceptional comfort, unrivalled vogue, solid grip and performance, adidas invisible socks boost your style game to another level.