James Harden Basketball Shoes

James Harden's pizzazz extends from his pregame outfits to his on-court kicks. His lively James Harden shoes have a locked-in feel to keep you in the zone.

adidas James Harden Shoes

Check out our selection of James Harden shoes from adidas and find the one that suits your style the best. Harden carved his name as a superstar by combining power with nifty ballhandling to leave defenders in his wake. His quick crossover dribble and lethal step back quickly made him into a fan favorite after every all-out performance on the court. It's only fair that James Harden sneakers follow his penchant for the big moment, with lively details that make them unique and unmistakably his. James Harden Vol. 5 shoes have a polka-dot design that stands out in any color. They're built for quickness so you can change direction on a dime to get past your defender.

James Harden Vol. 6 shoes have an asymmetrical design with bands on the forefoot and heel to give you a locked-down feel while you drive to the basket, rebound or take that step-back jumper like your basketball hero. His kicks are designed specifically to fit his signature play style, letting you drive to the basket confidently or show off your moves on the court. So go out there, lace up a pair of James Harden shoes and explore the limits of what you can do on the hardwood or the blacktop.