girls' slides


Girls' slides

You can combine style with leisure and sport with adidas shoes for girls's. Girls's' shoes by adidas impress not only with their style – they are also right out in front in terms of comfort. Your slides do a lot of work and give you the chance to make a statement. The technologies and materials engineered by adidas are created to support you. Girls' slides from adidas are designed to complement your active lifestyle.

Set your own rules – adidas girls' slides

Whether it be brands like Essentials, Originals or Performance, with adidas slides, you won't just make an impression during your next training session – you'll also grab the attention on the way there. Performance represents that additional level of motivation and achievement. Stay legendary with adidas Originals. The brand repeatedly inspires us to question the status quo, despite its relaxed retro vibes. Our slides collections include adilette and adissage. When it comes to shoes, it isn't only about style. Ultimately, our feet carry us every single day. Therefore, we place great importance on adidas shoes combining both style and comfort.

We support sportsmanship and creativity. Together, girls's can break and rewrite the rules, only to then question them again. Girls's thrive on moving their bodies and learning all the rules of the game. The collection for girls's from adidas is built to give comfort and confidence. Grey, blue, pink, and many other colors are available colors for our slides.

The future starts now. Grab a pair of our girls' slides from adidas – and your moment has arrived.