Kids' adidas Originals

They have a lot to express. Kids' adidas Originals clothes and shoes make sure they do exactly that in their own way, and in whatever color and style they want.
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Choose the classics with the adidas range of kids' Originals

Classics are timeless pieces that never go out of fashion and that you could wear year after year, and this selection of kids' Originals is no exception. Whether you're shopping for a pair of trainers, a tracksuit, some accessories or a full outfit, these are the most popular adidas styles that have customers coming back for more. With sizes available for toddlers at their youngest, as well as designs that range from the simple to bright and colourful, you are guaranteed to find any kid an outfit they will love and feel comfortable in as they are out playing energetically with their friends.

Optimal support from head-to-toe with the Originals kids' range

With this selection of Originals kids' wear, you are guaranteed maximum support through designs that have been researched for years. When it comes to trainers, a rubber outsole will give your kid's shoes excellent grip - no matter the surface they step on. The use of a lightweight supportive midsole will protect them against rough landings. Originals' clothing will keep your child comfortable through the use of adequate fabric, such as fleece for a softer feel or sweat-wicking material to ensure that they stay dry, while ribbed hems and sleeves will ensure stability of their apparel no matter how much they jump around.

Find the perfect outfit in a sea of choices

Picking the right outfit for your kid is not an easy feat as you try to balance their needs with their likes, but this selection of kids' Originals has it all. Pick a pair of trainers with laces if you want to have more control over the fit of the shoe, or one with a hook-and-loop closure so that they can take their shoes on or off by themselves with ease. For additional protection against the weather conditions choose a sweatshirt equipped with a hood, while those with a pocket are practical and will allow them to carry around their favourite toy.