adidas Originals Trainers

Serve yourself up a slice of deliciously different fashion from our adidas Originals trainers and sneakers range. Choose from classic trainers with modern twists, available in many different sizes and colours.
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adidas Originals trainers & sneakers

Beloved all around the world, adidas Originals trainers & sneakers are a fashion statement. An international icon, adidas Originals trainers & sneakers celebrate the brand’s rich history while constantly evolving with the times, adding modern design updates over the years, making it a much loved pair of footwear for people of all ages. The trainers are a retro fashion statement that are celebrated by all. Authentic designs that are iconic and unique to the brand, where the strengths of adidas Originals trainers & sneakers shine through, making it a perfect match for those seeking to be different from the rest.

Iconic, original designs and styles

adidas Originals trainers & sneakers offer a unique combination of comfort, sport, and style in one package. These trainers combine retro styling and the prolific sports heritage of the brand while offering the most comfortable fit for your feet. Adi Dassler’s vision for his training shoes continues to date with the adidas Originals trainers & sneakers still maintaining a strong sports heritage, but now they are icons of global streetwear fashion. adidas Originals trainers & sneakers are now timeless retro silhouettes, blurring the line between sportswear and streetwear.

Stay original and step into the future

Authentic trainers with a retro feel, adidas Originals trainers & sneakers are the perfect fit for the present day world. Popular street style classics, they are comfortable to wear, offering support in the right places from the cushioning to the soles to the upper areas. The materials used were feet-friendly, letting them breathe and be comfortable at all times. So despite the trainer’s retro look, they are designed to be comfortable at all levels, offering support in all the right places and the perfect fit. Timeless styling for all occasions, adidas Originals trainers are indeed timeless icons.