Kids Sandals & Jandals

Ideal for the summer our range of slides and flip-flops for kids keep the youngest family members comfy and casual in the heat. Designed for growing feet our range of flip flops and slides for children includes options for adjustable width, hook and loop fastenings and extra support in smaller sizes to assist toddler's first steps. adidas range of kids' slides offers features you will love like waterproof fabric to keep little feet dry, and lightweight soles so they are not weighed down all in a wild range of colors and patterns to ensure they stand out in the crowd. Our adorable collection of flip flops and slides for children have a choice for every child from toddlers to teens.

adidas kids’ sliders & flip flops

On the lookout for some cool and stylish summer and beachwear? Look no further than adidas kids’ sliders and flip flops. Designed to be breathable, comfortable, and have the perfect fit, these great sliders and flip flops will complete any outfit, including those new beach looks you put together for your children every year. Available in a range of colours, from cool ocean blue to pastel purple and electric pink, these kids’ sliders and flip flops can be paired with any style and mood. Want a chilled low-key outfit? Opt for the classic grey! Does your kid like to be noticed? The bright yellow pair will surely achieve this! Whatever your child’s mood, adidas kids’ sliders and flip flops will have them covered.

Your child’s own unique style

Adding flavour and style to any outfit, your little one better get ready to impress friends, family, and everyone else! When your child wears these great kids’ sliders and flip flops, fashionistas all around will salute your child’s fashionable style. Whether you want to pair these kids’ sliders and flip flops with some all-new season shorts, or that beautiful dress, or even that crazy new beach bag, these sliders and flip flops will make sure your kid always looks and feels their absolute best.

Jazzing up any outfit

Maintaining the freshness and coolness of your all new kids’ sliders and flip flops is really not difficult, they are extremely versatile and will just need a quick wipe every now and gain, depending on how often they are worn. But be careful, you might want to prepare yourself for everyone asking you for style tips and where you got these great kids’ sliders and flip flops! Jazzing up any outfit, your child will love being the centre of attention in these stylish, awesome, kids’ sliders and flip flops!