Men's Soccer & Football Boots

The adidas range of men's football boots is both the outcome and the evidence of our rich connection with the beautiful game. Don't compromise, opt for the best boots that money can buy, and see why some of the world's top goalscorers wear adidas.
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Football Boots for men

For decades players have trusted in adidas football boots. Some of the greatest and most important goals of all time have been scored by a pair of adidas boots, and now the current range of exciting colourways and designs reinterpret the classics for a new generation. Worn by the greatest players on the planet, they’re available for you too. Ready to join? Utilising some of the most innovative technology that guarantees the highest levels of performance and comfort, these football boots for men are made for all types of players: from weekend amateurs to professional ballers. If you want to go to the next level, you’re in the right place.

Any style, any surface

Loved for their iconic designs, these football boots for men are designed with optimum performance as their first priority. That’s why, whichever pair you prefer, you’ll find it in a range of options to suit your playing surface. From Exoframe and Torsionframe outsoles used for hard or soft ground, to rubber designs made for artificial and indoor surfaces, this range of mens adidas football boots will not let you down. Combine this with innovative uppers and lacing systems designed to suit every kind of player, and you’ve found your new secret weapon. Wherever you play, they’ll be at their best – and now you can be too.

Choose your icon

Part of the footballing landscape, adidas football boots for men have become icons in their own right. Players instantly recognise the classic Copa design, while the Predator makes a statement before a ball has even been kicked. More recent additions to the adidas range of men’s football boots such as X or Nemeziz are fast becoming legends too, unlocking your maximum speed and skill thanks to technical innovations such as Speedmesh, Boost soles and laceless constructions. Whatever your style, you can find your perfect pair here.

Men's Soccer & Football Boots Frequently Asked Questions

Don't put them in the washing machine! To clean muddy boots, first give your boots a good bang together to dislodge any loose bits of mud. If the mud is wet, dampen a towel with some cold water and rub off the mud. When the worst has come off, use a stiff brush (not a wire brush) to remove any ingrained mud. A toothbrush can be used to clean around studs and grooves.Once clean, stuff your men's football boots with newspaper and leave them to dry naturally.
Not all footy boots are the same. When purchasing boots, keep in mind the type of surface you’ll be playing on, your position, and your athletic level. Low-cut boots are generally lightweight and flexible for maximum speed and agility. Mid- and high-cut football boots offer added support by wrapping around the ankle. These styles are available regardless of the surface. Molded boots deliver superior grip on natural grass fields, while turf football shoes have small rubber nubs on the bottom to provide more secure traction on that surface.