Men's Soft Ground Football Boots


A classic style reinvented

Football was born in the muddy fields of the British Isles, and ever since then a studded pair of boots has been an essential piece of kit for any outdoor footballer. While that fact hasn’t changed, just about everything else has, with the adidas selection of men’s soft ground football boots representing the vanguard of innovative design and engineering in the world of football. Iconic models such as Copa and Predator are joined by newer additions for a range of boots that offers full traction in testing conditions.

Traction control

Having the right football boots for the playing surface is an essential part of the modern game, letting you play without worrying about losing grip or even injuring yourself. The boots in this range are all optimised for playing on soft turf, enhanced by Torsionframe outsoles, Hybrid stud tips or any number of other innovations from adidas’ arsenal of sports technology. On top of this, you can find the boots that suit your playing style. For example, X is designed for those speed demons that can turn on the after-burners at any moment, while Nemeziz is for those skilful tricksters that leave defenders’ heads in a spin. Whatever your style, adidas men’s soft ground football boots have got you covered when the moment comes.

Made for champions

The best players in the world trust in adidas for a reason, and without doubt a pair of adidas soft ground football boots will make an appearance in some of the biggest games of this year. Not only is a huge assortment of models available, each one tuned to get the most out of your individual game, but this year’s range of colourways is bigger and brighter than ever. Whether you’re looking to make a statement or simply want to coordinate with the rest of your kit, these men’s soft ground football boots come in every colour you could want. Now it’s your chance to look as good as you play.