Men's Grey Trainers

adidas men's grey trainers prove that grey is an understated style classic. Our exciting range of grey trainers ticks all the boxes for style, comfort and sporty looks, and offers something for people of all ages and sizes.
Y-3 Grey Y-3 SuperstarY-3 Grey Y-3 Superstar
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Y-3 Grey Y-3 GazelleY-3 Grey Y-3 Gazelle
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Men’s grey trainers

There are a few designs that have burned their image into the collective minds of people around the world. Grey men’s trainers from adidas are one of them. These are a classic look that has been recreated, loved and copied from year to year. Icons don’t come much bigger than a training shoe with full strong lines, well-defined soles and, down the side, the indisputable legend of logo design: the adidas 3-Stripes. Built for comfort and durability, adidas grey men’s trainers are not just fashion shoes, they are also a sports trainer. On the basketball court, the practice track or the squash court, adidas grey trainers for men can truly hold their own. Your lifestyle demands a trainer that not only delivers on craftsmanship, but also on style and design. Men’s grey trainers from adidas have great care taken in every detail to ensure that you have what you want and need without any compromise.

It’s who you are

Let’s face it. You are the master of your own style. The choices you make are made with confidence and clarity. These are values adidas shares when designing the range of men’s grey trainers. Each shoe is considered down to the minutest of details. There is clarity in the lines that have come from many years of understanding what adidas customers want. Each stitch, all the shapes and every colour is rigorously contemplated to ensure you get the right product to meet your needs. Nothing is left to chance – adidas grey trainers for men are made with the DNA of a brand that understands what it means to wear the 3-Stripes. How it feels to open the cupboard and see your adidas trainers waiting for you. Comfort and style to meet your fashion needs and support you in practical everyday use.

Every step of the way

As with every pair of adidas trainers over the years, these grey adidas trainers have been built to last. You’ll always know who you are when you’re wearing them.