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Must-have wardrobe additions: adidas Originals sliders & flip flops

The ideal summer footwear, pick up your pair of adidas Originals sliders and flip flops and free your feet! The perfect blend of sports and style, they are comfortable as well as chic. Choose from the wide range of adidas Originals sliders and flip flops and you are set for the summer. Ideal to wear when you are hanging out or just running about town, they wouldn’t look out of place. Bright colours are the order of the day, get your pair today!

Casual footwear ready for everything

A casual-wear favourite that started in 1972, when athletes used them as a post-shower footwear, they sure have caught on and are still going strong, with both the adidas Originals sliders and flip flops still catching the eye of the fashion police. New patterns and colour options pop up every year, refreshing the age old design, infusing retro charm to the modern designs. They are game for anything, from lounging at the beach to chilling with your buddies to hitting the streets.

Fitting for every occasion

You can’t get a more comfortable piece of footwear than a pair of adidas Originals sliders or flip flops! They are open and airy, letting you spread your toes without sacrificing on comfort at any level. The contoured foot bed offers great comfort for the soles of your feet and the straps ensure a snug fit, ensuring every step you make is sturdy and confident.

Casual, catchy styling

The best thing about adidas Originals sliders and flip flops is that they go with every outfit! Exuding a fun, flirty look or a casual style with a hint of glamour, they go with shorts, jeans, skirts, tights, anything! Some even go with socks, which is daring, but if you can pull it off then there is no stopping you! Comfortable and stylish, adidas Originals sliders and flip flops are the perfect blend of sports & fashion! Get your pair (or pairs) as you can never have enough lying about!