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Reviews for: Predator Accessories

14 reviews
Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
04 November 2018
Stud broke

After buying my son adidas World Cup kangaroo leather boots and not being able to easily buy the stud replacements, I went and bought him another pair of adidas boots, studs fell out , bought more studs that didn’t fit so on the next pair of studs I ordered the stud breaks upon screwing it in, ie no boots!! I truly believe at the prices we are paying these boots should come with replacement studs automatically. My son is playing Galway Gaa and Connacht rugby and spending big money on boots and no end of drama with studs rendering the boots useless! ... read more

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
12 October 2018
No better than than some, just more expensive

I wished I realised how expensive the studs were when I bought the boots, and I probably wouldn’t have bought them. But as boots go, they are good and the quality of the studs are good too... same as the quality of regular studs though... ... read more

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
06 October 2018
Good product although quite expensive

Good product although a little expensive, very difficult to purchase other than online, great service by Adidas though, easy to order and very efficiently dealt with by Adidas, good all round service, will use again ... read more

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
21 September 2018

Incredibly annoying that Adidas make studs a different screw size to the rest of the world. Go to any sports shop and you can buy replacement studs for £0.30 - not with Adidas Predators. They've made a screw in stud with a screw width a completely different size to all other manufacturers and a thread that is too wide. This means that the studs are liable to unscrew easily and get lost - so you have to buy Adidas own studs. Adidas has then compounded its error by ensuring you cant buy one replacement stud - oh no, that would be far too easy and besides they wouldn't then get the opportunity to charge you the best part of £20 (including postage) for the privilege of buying a full set of studs that you don't want or need. Its also posted out in a ridiculously oversized box. 12 replacement studs in a 30x21x7cm box!! Ridiculous. ... read more

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
19 September 2018
Exactly what I needed

My son plays a lot of football and I have recently bought him studs for the grass as his moulds kept making him slip in the wet grass however his first wear of his studs we saw he had lost 3 of the studs we researched the type he needs for the boys and these were perfect. One very happy son and I managed to get them with a discount so a happy mum as well. ... read more

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
04 September 2018
Great quality

Having bought Adidas studs from a different website only to find they were the wrong size it was really helpful finding a website that lets you know which boots the studs are compatible with. Good, solid studs. Ideal for soft ground rugby. ... read more

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
09 April 2018
Does exactly what they are meant to do

As you have to buy adidas studs for their boots I needed these. They are not the cheapest but fit - which is the important thing. Possibly not quite a long as I would expect for soft ground but still decent ... read more

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
18 March 2018
As expected, only studs.

Very expensive as they are only studs, Adidas have changed the size of the tread so other cheaper studs will not fit. Customers should be told when purchasing boots that they will have to pay £12 for replacement studs. ... read more

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
22 January 2018

Only adidas studs will fit adidas boots. Most other brands have the same size threads as each other. Adidas studs are not available in most sprts retailers which means you must shop online for the expensive studs and wait over a week for delivery ... read more

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
03 January 2018
Too short

Unless you are someone with only one pair of soccer shoes and you have time enough to put long studs on your shoes right before the game starts, I would not recommand them to you. You don’t need iron studs if you want your suds this short ... read more

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
18 November 2017
Exactly what was required.

Needed replacement studs for my sons soccer boots, not available in any local stores. Prompt and efficient service from Aidadas, very happy with everything. Studs are exact match for ones on his boots already, only needed to replace one so have plenty more replacements. Longer set included as well so change them later in season when things get very mucky. ... read more

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
26 September 2017
Too pricey. Why are spare studs not included with boots?

I had to buy these because 4 studs fell out of my son's brand new Copa 17.3 SG boots after one session of football training! Although the studs were tightened before wear and because Addidas have changed their studs so they cannot be replaced with universal ones, I had to pay and extra £12 on top of the cost of the boots for these studs. ... read more

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
06 September 2017
Good high quality product

These replacement studs fitted perfectly in my son's new boots. The studs come in two sizes, for the front and back, which saves you having to buy two sets. There are also enough spares in the pack to keep you going for a few seasons. ... read more

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground Studs
13 May 2017

I would expect a few spare studs 'in the box' so having to buy a pack seems excessive. The size isn't standard so you can't just buy a pack of cheap alternatives either. OK, grouch over! The process of finding and ordering the replacement studs was simple, the product is good quality and the replacement studs arrived quickly. ... read more

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