Recycled Materials


Recycled materials in adidas fashion

There is a lot more to adidas fashion than superior design, function, and quality. It’s the thought that goes into each piece of clothing, each bag, each shoe. Every stitch, every colour, every idea that makes adidas products perform in your sporting life and beyond, has been carefully measured and discussed. The materials used in every line are carefully chosen and adidas has made a commitment to use as many recycled materials as possible too. That means that you can choose swimwear, rain jackets, running shoes, and more made from recycled ocean plastic. You can wear jumpsuits, skirts, trousers, and socks made from recycled polyester or nylon. Each item brings together incredible adidas quality with on-trend design and eco-friendly materials. So you can look and feel good about saving the planet, one adidas garment at a time.

Go the extra mile with adidas

You are the kind of person who wants to make a difference. You do it everywhere you go by being a little kinder, doing a little bit extra, and going the extra mile. When you choose to wear recycled fashion by adidas during your workout sessions or just at home, you’re making a difference yet again. Recycled materials do less harm to the environment and you like being the person who can bike to work or walk to the store to reduce your environmental impact too. Who knew you could do double time by wearing adidas fashion made from recycled materials? You can do anything with adidas, whether you are into fitness, sports, and cool street style. But knowing that you can show your 3-Stripes pride and save the environment at the same time gives you another reason to be happy about your fashion choices every day. The future looks brighter with you and adidas.