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Swimming sandals

Whether you need swimming sandals to give your kid more security in the swimming pool or for those trips to pebble beaches, they will love the adidas collection, which is equally comfortable and fun, featuring a variety of colourful designs and characters to suit the tastes of boys and girls alike. adidas swimming sandals are available in a variety of designs, and you will find sizes for kids of all ages, including infants.

Comfort for all ages

Having comfortable shoes is extremely important, especially from a young age when your kid’s feet are still growing, and this is no exception for swimming sandals. That’s why adidas uses EVA outsoles in the design of its collection, as they are flexible and soft and have the ability to adapt to the foot’s movements in order to ensure comfort with every step. In addition, being a rubbery material, it adds security by preventing slipping on wet surfaces. EVA upper is also used for added flexibility, ensuring the straps adapt to the foot’s movement while ensuring a strong hold. adidas swimming sandals are also designed to provide good and quick water drainage so they can keep your child’s feet dry.

Stability at its best

When choosing a pair of swimming sandals for your kid, you want to ensure they provide stability as they walk, jump or swim. That’s why a pair with a contoured foot bed will keep feet contained and prevent them from slipping outside the shoe, while choosing sandals with adjustable straps at the ankle and at the forefoot will allow you to regulate the fit according to your child’s foot, giving them all the stability they need while keeping them comfortable. Having adjustable straps also means that the sandals can be used for longer, as you can simply loosen the straps for a better fit as your kid’s feet grow.