adidas Running Gear for Beginners



Gem started running with a group. The sense of community helped him stay motivated, as they were all going through the same experience, trying to improve. He likes to wear running shoes, shorts and a tee, sometimes with a hoodie. Wearing all the gear helps him feel like a pro and stay focused.

“A really good playlist is the biggest motivator. I like to use a simple app to track how I’m doing and for encouragement. Mentally it helps, having some decent running shoes helps too.”


Men Running Black adidas Own The Run 1/2 Zip Long Sleeve TeeMen Running Black adidas Own The Run 1/2 Zip Long Sleeve Tee

adidas Own The Run 1/2 Zip Long Sleeve Tee

Men Running

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adidas Gear to Start Running

Running is a fun and easy way to stay in shape, requiring just a pair of running shoes before you're ready to hit the streets. To optimise your jog and energy wear, it is essential to choose the correct footwear that can help you in your performance.

Choose the best gear to start running

The adidas running shoes will become your best allies in your first kilometres, whether for short intervals or long training sessions, with the best comfort, cushioning and stability. A great option to start running is the adidas Supernova family, these adidas running shoes help you achieve your goals. They feature a combination of flexible cushioning in the forefoot and responsive cushioning in the heel for softness and maximum comfort.

Remember that a good pair of running shoes do more than keep your feet comfortable and help improve performance; it can also help prevent injuries.

In a pair of beginner's running shoes, the most important thing is comfort and stability. We invite you to discover a wide range of adidas running shoes that will help you achieve your proposed goals. Welcome to the world of running!