adidas Workout Gear for Beginners


Ready to feel good? Even short workouts can help you feel energised, and it's easy to fit them in if you're dressed for the occasion. Check out our multi-purpose tights, supportive tops, comfy sports bras, shorts and shoes, and get started.


After finding the gym boring, Fiorella discovered she actually loves working out when a friend invited her to join a fun online workout class. She wears leggings with a high waist to hug her body, a sports bra to keep everything in place and layers that she’ll take off as the class advances.

“I love wearing leggings the higher the waist the better, so they hold my hips and hug my body. I also wear a sports bra, there is nothing worse than exercising and noticing everything is moving everywhere.”


Women Training Black Techfit Period-Proof 7/8 TightsWomen Training Black Techfit Period-Proof 7/8 Tights

Techfit Period-Proof 7/8 Tights

Women Training

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adidas Workout Gear for Beginners

When you’re striving for results, adidas workout gear supports your goals and your performance. Gym sessions, track workouts and everything in-between — get outfitted for personal best after personal best.

Your fitness gear not only shows off your creative style — it features performance technology to keep you comfortable and focused. Soft smooth fabric moves with you through every exercise. Sweat-wicking technology keeps you dry and focused, while mesh panels offers added airflow, so you stay cool while turning up the heat. From supportive leggings, tights and sports bras to breathable shirts, flexible shorts and more, dress with confidence that your clothing can handle what you’re about to take on. Power through your reps and workout routine with everything you need to push that little bit harder and go that little bit further.

Lace up flexible, breathable shoes with supportive plush cushioning. Go for a long run, glide through an aerobics class or power up in a HIIT session. Knit and textile uppers wrap your foot for snug support through dynamic movements. Soft, responsive midsoles cushion every step, jump, lunge and sprint. Harness your drive and go for a new personal best. Shop workout and exercise gear at adidas that has your back as you break through barriers and achieve goal after goal.