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White · Water Bottles


Your must-have gym accessory: white water bottles

The importance of staying hydrated while working out cannot be ignored, and adidas have made this easier for you with our exceptional range of white water bottles. Not only do these white water bottles encourage you to reach for the water tap more often, they also look great with any gym gear and are convenient to both use and carry. These designs can easily fit into the bottle compartments that you'll find with a lot of our bags here at adidas too.

Keep your hydration levels up with stylish adidas white water bottles

adidas white water bottles make it easy for you to stay hydrated, and this has a number of benefits while working out. Hydration can help to ensure your muscles are kept loose, stopping you from dreaded cramps which can seriously impede performance. Hydration also helps to regulate your body temperature, ensuring you don't overheat. Moreover, when you sweat, you lose water, which you need to replenish. Keeping your hydration levels up with improve both concentration and performance, helping you reach your workout goals.

Choosing the perfect water bottle for you

All of styles available in the adidas range of white water bottles have been designed to ensure convenient hydration while working out. However, if you're struggling to narrow down your search, there are a few things to consider. For example, you may want a workout bottle that comes with a plastic add-on for easy carrying. You can also select a water bottle based on the style or pattern. After all, we all want to look great when hitting the gym, and accessories matter too. Consider whether you would prefer a water bottle made from plastic or metal too. Metal bottles can often keep your liquids cooler, and so are an ideal option for those working out in warming climates.