Women's Gloves

Get a grip on your training or the ball with a pair of women's gloves from adidas. Featuring cushioning where it's needed and elastic for a better fit, our women's gloves are cut for comfort and available in many classic styles.

Women’s gloves

Women's gloves have evolved to more than just covering your hands in cold weather conditions. Gloves are useful for more than just holding hot items. Women's gloves can be multi-purpose and fashionable at the same. There are various uses for women's gloves when it comes to sports, utilities, and fashion, and you can enjoy your versatile adidas gloves in any and all of these situations. For best all-round usage, invest in some multi-purpose women's gloves with built-in grippy silicone features. The grippy silicone gloves are specifically designed to meet all your fashion, industrial, and sporty needs from women's gloves. Some models feature an orange adidas 3-Stripes design on a black or solar red glove to help your hands stand out. The design is positioned at the front of your palm, perfect for reflecting light. With the silicone grippy glove, you don’t have to worry about not having a firm grip on items you're carrying. You can still put on the grippy women gloves and check the latest football scores or social media without taking them off as the gloves have conductive fingertips that are suitable for use with smartphones. These women’s gloves also have hook-and-loop adjustable cuffs to either increase or reduce the grip around your wrist.

Specially designed women's gloves

Women’s gloves are also specially designed to meet your unique needs. Leather boxing gloves efficiently deliver the exceptional punching speed and technique that you need in the ring. To further reduce the back-impact your punch to your opponent has on you, the gloves are designed with multilayered foam, which adequately absorbs the impact of a strong lead hook on your opponent. There are also goalkeeper gloves for lovers of football, which feature 3.5 mm of cushioning in the palm to absorb impacts. With grippy latex football gloves, you will worry less about not having a secure grasp on the ball as the latex clings to the football in all conditions, helping your fingers find a snug and natural fit around the ball.