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A touch of luxury for your swing

You have the shoes, the pants and the polo-shirt, but you need something extra to complete the look – adidas ladies golfing gloves are the perfect accessory. Made from leather, these elegant golf gloves will add a touch of class to any outfit. The all-white effect and subtle stitching give the gloves a simple, minimalist aesthetic. And they don’t just look good, these soft leather golf gloves for ladies are designed for maximum comfort. The snug cut and adjustable Velcro strap will fit any hand like a, well, you know.

Protection where you need it most

Taking shot after shot on the golf course or driving range can be tough on the hands. You need added protection to take the sting out of those big shots. adidas ladies leather golf gloves are the ideal shield from blisters and calluses (and worse). And when it comes to extra grip, these adidas golf gloves have got you covered. Perforated to allow breathability, these adidas golf gloves for ladies will keep your hands dry and cool in clammy conditions and warm when it’s cold and wet. You can swing the extra edge with these stylish golf gloves for ladies.

Your partner to the end

We build all adidas products to last, and we hope that our adidas golf gloves for women will enjoy as many rounds of golf as possible. To help make this a reality, please follow the care directions. Never bleach, dry clean, machine wash or tumble dry your adidas women’s golfing gloves. Should they need to be cleaned, simply give them a wipe with a damp cloth.