Medium Support Sports Bras


Choose medium support sports bras for low to mid-impact workouts

The designers at adidas know the importance of a gym kit that offers comfort and security for women who work out. A great sports bra should fit like a second skin to restrict movement and potential damage to delicate skin. Protective fixed and removable padding is well advised for weight lifters and kick boxers in particular. Choose an Alphaskin padded bra, designed with a locked-in compression fit and bounce-reducing straps or a front strap stabiliser for additional security. Adjustable straps will ensure a personal fit and avoid sagging. The stretchy, moisture-absorbing sweat-wick fabric will keep you dry throughout your session. Double-layer inner power mesh lining supports you through even the heaviest HIIT class or workout routine. Post-mastectomy medium support sports bras have been designed to include pockets for prosthesis placement. Particular care has been taken with the designs to reduce potential irritation in sensitive areas and offer additional strap support.

Medium support sports bras: Go green whilst you get lean

Environmentally conscious women can choose medium support sports bras in this collection that are made from recycled polyester. This innovative process helps to not only reduce emissions but save valuable resources. We also offer a range of sports tops, shorts, leggings and jackets created with Primegreen recycled materials so be sure to seek them out and support the planet. Comfort is key with active wear, but you also want your gym kit to be durable, keep its shape and wash well. adidas has made great strides in the realms of fabric technology, and so the sports bras in the collection are easy to machine wash and air dry. Follow the label guidance in order to preserve the stretchy, supportive fabrics and keep your adidas support bra performing as well as you do!