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Black polo shirts

It doesn’t matter if you are playing a sport or hanging out with friends, the adidas range of black polo shirts will be a good addition to your wardrobe. Wear a black polo shirt while on the tennis court or spending time with friends on the golf course. You can use one to work out in the gym or make a statement when out and about in town. The adidas black polo shirts are not only stylish but have been designed with everyone in mind, bringing an element of practicality, comfort and a touch of class to your look and while you are looking at this style, you could consider picking up a yellow polo shirt too.

A polo shirt that suits your sport

Give an extra boost to your game on the golf course by choosing a classic black polo shirt or indeed a yellow polo shirt if you prefer to give your outfit some colour. The material has built-in UV protection against the sun, which will protect you as you play, and the moisture-wicking properties will drain the sweat away from your body, keeping you dry. Some styles of black polo shirts have been designed using a soft double-knit fabric that allows you to stretch easily, allowing greater versatility and movement in your activity. The mesh panels under the arms and on the back create ventilation, wicking away moisture and keeping the air circulating. A black polo shirt created using the mock eyelet and polyester fabric, is a perfect choice in the gym, as this also helps to keep you dry as the activity heats up. The shaped hem at the back gives ample coverage when lifting weights.

Why not mix style and practicality

A black polo shirt will provide a certain element of style and street cred around town or at casual parties and gatherings, especially if you need something that is a little more formal than a t-shirt. The adidas black polo shirt range will add a sporty vibe to your outfit. When the weather gets cooler you could select a polo shirt with long sleeves, but whatever design you choose will provide both practicality and style to your wardrobe.