Black Trainers

Flex your style credentials with a slick pair of black trainers from adidas. Choose from iconic designs that evoke our classic trackside look or go for an up-to-the-minute style to propel you into the future.
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Black trainers are indispensable items

Black trainers are that kind of must-have items no one should be without. They provide an effortless cool and they look good with everything from the most hardcore gym gear to go-to casual looks. You can select from literally hundreds of black trainers including models constructed with our revolutionary Ultraboost technology for responsiveness and increased energy transfer or others that feature Primeknit stretch weaving to envelope your foot with a secure, comfortable fit. There is also a recycled collection of black trainers made up of upcycled plastic trash to reinforce our pledge of providing sustainable products to the public.

Ultraboost technology makes our black adidas trainers energetic and responsive

The shock absorption padding is a key part of the Ultraboost technology used in black adidas trainers. Their responsiveness comes the transfer of energy back to the feet from the padding which is an extremely useful boost to have if you’re a runner, speed walker or into serious, high energy cardio. Meanwhile, there is a collection of rugged black trainers for those who love hitting the trails, hiking or other off-road adventures that may take you across land or water.

Lightweight adidas trainers black and accessories for all your adventures

Our black adidas trainers are designed to be lightweight and are available in several laced varieties which can be used as a gym shoe whether you are still in school or not and other comfortable slip-on models that are handy for when you need to be on the move sharpish. If you intend to wear your black trainers for basketball and other outdoor sports there is a multitude of shorts, tees, tanks, sweatshirts, sweatpants and tracksuits for both hot or cold weather use and when you need to accessorise you can also find socks, hats, bags and gloves.

Black Trainers Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can wear black trainers with blue jeans, as both black and blue are neutral colours. Darker navy-blue jeans can look better with an all black trainers.
Many people choose to match black trainers with socks that are black, grey or another darker colour, such as deep blue or purple.
Because black trainers have a neutral colour tone, they go well with most outfits. Wear them with jeans, smart trousers, skirts or whatever suits you, and if you want to stand out, consider accenting it with a bold-coloured top, such as red or green.