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Skate caps & hats

Style in the skate park starts from your headwear, and adidas has just what you need in their collection of skate caps & hats. If you’re heading out in the hot and sunny weather, a skate cap is just what you need to have a clearer vision and help protect your eyes from the sun rays, while a beanie will keep you warm when the temperature drops down and give you the ability to stay stylish even in cold weather. Available in a variety of designs and colours, adidas skate caps & hats allow you to display your personality whether you prefer discreet coloured headwear or loud patterns and pompoms.

Not just about style

Skate caps & hats from adidas are not only about adding style to your outfit. They have been designed to offer you comfort and protection from the weather outside. When it comes to skate caps, a construction style using five or six panels ensures a perfect fit over your head, while the presence of mesh increases breathability, which is important in particularly hot temperatures. An adjustable closure at the back gives you the ability to have a personalised fit, while a flat brim enables you to customise your look and add a personal touch to your outfit. As for beanies, a knit build will add comfort and warmth while being soft on your skin, while the presence of a fold-up brim doubles up the warmth along your forehead and ears where it’s needed the most.

Artistically yours

When choosing from this collection of skate caps & hats, you’ll get to pick your style from a range of designs and displays that include custom artwork by renowned artists. Your adidas headwear can include characters such as Shmoo or Bulldog, or the adidas logo in its classic forms or in retro inspired versions, such as the one for adidas Skateboarding, making every piece a unique item.