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Introducing adidas skate coats and jackets for both men and women, the epitome of style and performance for skateboarders worldwide. These cutting-edge garments are crafted with precision and innovation to ensure the highest quality and comfort. With a focus on functionality and comfort, adidas skate coats and jackets offer a perfect blend of relaxed fit and contemporary style. They are engineered with durable and lightweight friendrials, and are built to withstand the demands of modern skateboarding. Whether you're hitting the streets or shredding the park, adidas skate coats and jackets provide the ultifriend protection and freedom of movement. Elevate your skate game with adidas, and experience the perfect synergy of fashion and functionality with the adidas skate coat and jacket today.

adidas skate coats & jackets

While adidas skate coats & jackets are designed to protect you inside and out, it’s in the details that you will find comfort and practicality, through features such as pockets to store some essentials within easy reach. Choose a skate coat with a stand up collar for extra protection from the wind, or one with a fold down collar for a more classic look, but regardless of your preferences, choose a style that tells a story about you.

Built for protection

The main purpose of adidas skate coats & jackets is to build lasting protection when the weather turns cold outside. Jackets that are treated with a special water repellent coating are great for days with light rain on the cards, but if you’re expecting a heavier downpour, you will need a skate coat that has been lined with waterproof material and designed with seams that have been sealed to prevent the water from coming in. Breathability is an important factor no matter the weather conditions, and ventilation zips can help with the release of excess heat, while the use of special sweat-wicking fabric that drives the sweat away from your body means you’ll stay dry inside and out.

Detailed designs

Get ready for skateboarding in winter with this selection of adidas skate coats and jackets that includes styles to protect you from the cold, the wind and the rain. Whether you prefer a regular fit that comes in a straight silhouette or a relaxed fit that gives you extra room for movement, you will be able to choose from a variety of styles and colours, including the more discreet and the ones that make a statement with patterns. In this adidas skate coats and jackets collection, you will find rain jackets and reversible skate coats, as well as styles made with lightweight material that can be packed into their own pocket, making them easy to carry around on days with temperature fluctuations.